Account and Business Development Manager – Bristol Area

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We are a small design and marketing communications business with loyal clients who trust us to make their marketing projects work – whether it’s branding, websites and digital marketing, exhibitions, printed collateral, or social media, we get it sorted! To propel our business to the next stage, we’re looking for a highly motivated individual with […]

Tips for creating an effective exhibition stand

Exhibition stands

The basic aim must be to encourage people (potential clients or referrers) to feel comfortable engaging with your team and to gain an understanding of who you are, what you do and the benefits of your services or products. Get your message across Make your key messages clear, precise, short and to the point. Put […]

Trees for life

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Some of the reasons we support Trees for Life We’re still planting a tree for each week of the year (or rather, Trees for Life are doing so on our behalf) and growing (pun intended) the size of our Corporate Grove. Trees for Life’s vision is to revitalise the wild forest areas of the Scottish […]

Why a Care and Maintenance Plan is essential for any WordPress website

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You’ve invested a lot of time, thought and money in creating your perfect business website. Now that it is out there for the world to see, you need to look after it, so it keeps working at it’s best for you and your visitors. A Care and Maintenance Plan is a comprehensive solution that ensures […]

Some Tips for Designing Effective Print-based Advertising

Advertising in printed media can be really effective. But there’s a real art to creating the most effective print advertising design and to making an ad that stands out from the crowd. As you flick through any publication, they’re packed with advertisements all competing for the reader’s eye – so understanding the fundamentals of how […]

Printed Collateral – paper types, sizes, finishes

When starting to consider a marketing campaign including printed collateral, there are some basic elements to think about such as size, paper type, environmental impact, format and shape. Paper sizes Let’s start at the beginning with size. Generally we all tend to use items based upon the ‘A’ series of paper sizes, these are all […]