Exhibition stands

Tips for creating an effective exhibition stand

The basic aim must be to encourage people (potential clients or referrers) to feel comfortable engaging with your team and to gain an understanding of who you are, what you do and the benefits of your services or products.

Get your message across

Make your key messages clear, precise, short and to the point. Put yourself in the position of someone viewing your stand who knows nothing about you or what you do. Can they quickly understand your value proposition and what you stand for? Less is definitely more in terms of text, it needs to be digested and understood within seconds.

Avoid layout pitfalls

A stand design may look fantastic when erected in your office or reception, but ask yourself if all your carefully crafted text and messages are going to be seen if you and several other people are milling around in front of it? Think about how the stand will be seen from a distance, with people and obstructions obscuring the view. Keep space at the top of the design for a key message or your identity. Avoid the temptation to fill all available space with text, keep the base clear, after all, who is going to be looking at the ground? The mid-section from waist to head height is the most important zone for key messaging.

Stand out from the crowd

Your stand design needs to make an impact in what is often a very busy, crowded environment. Consider how the use of colours can help. Strong, vibrant, eye-catching colours ‘do exactly what they say on the tin’ – they catch the eye! Obviously, you will need to work within the constraints of your brand guidelines, the stand still needs to be very much part of your brand family…

See the light

If your budget will allow, chose a display system that incorporates or offers the option of lighting. A brightly lit, vibrant stand design will be significantly more effective that an unlit one.

Lighten the load

Finally, there are many different display systems available, so important considerations will be who is going to be using it? How heavy is it? How easy is it to transport? (Will it fit in my car?) How easy is it to assemble and pack away? Where are we going to store it when not in use?